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The Nectarine Story

Since 1970, when our founder and mother Jane Saunders started the business, we have been committed to providing superior bath, body and facial care made with natural ingredients, plus original, authentic fragrances to help you create your very own signature line of personal care products.

Over the years, we have helped thousands of customers achieve their dreams of creating a successful business and we take this opportunity to thank our long time customers for their support and loyalty, and our new customers for rewarding us with their confidence.

After 40 incredible years, our original vision of providing quality, high performance formulas, unique fragrances and superior customer service continues to guide us each day. We are excited for another 40 fabulous years and will continue to work hard to keep our partnership a success. Below you will read about our inspiring Nectarine story, how we began and what we believe in.

In 1970, Jane Saunders, with $750 and a dream, founded the company in a tiny shop in Berkeley, California. Inspired by her interest in healthy living and environmental issues, she created her own line of body care products, all formulated with pure, natural, biodegradable ingredients. The lotions, bubble baths and shampoos were custom scented for each shopper with Jane's fanciful array of fragrant perfume and essential oils. Packaging was spare — nothing wasteful. Bottles could be returned for refilling.

Jane married her new ideas with the best features of traditional cosmetic departments: she offered her products from behind the counter, waiting on each customer in a personal, fun environment. With her innovative retail concept, Jane and a partner launched this pioneering venture. In the first year, the store sold 16 tons of soap, hand cut into bars from large slabs, with fragrances like Chocolate, Cucumber, Strawberry Yogurt and Patchouli.

Now, over thirty years later, Jane's original inspiration continues to guide our company. We are committed to quality, value, service and innovation — all with healthy bodies and a healthy planet in mind. As the demand for natural products has flourished, the business has grown into a chain of shops, now owned and operated by Jane's niece, and a substantial wholesale operation owned and run by Jane and her daughters.

Nectarine offers its retail concept and 250 extraordinary products to entrepreneurs who wish to express creativity and good business sense with their signature image on a fragrance, bath and body care line. Our products, including over 100 fragrances and essential oils, are sold in hundreds of diverse locations--from freestanding boutiques focused on the Nectarine concept to private label body care counters within existing stores and spas.

We are famous for our signature scents — China Rain®, China Musk®, China Lily® and original Rain™ — all created by Jane and her family in the 70s. Each is fresh, clean and sheer — just like newly washed skin — unique and universally loved. They continue to be modern classics.

Nectarine® remains a small company and prides itself in offering individual assistance in creating a program that fits your company's personality. You can also be assured that all our formulations are produced under the strictest standards of quality and safety, and with no animal testing. Our purpose is to enhance both your image and success by providing you a very personal and exclusive way to please your customers.

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