Nectarine - Natural Body Care Private LabelNectarine - Natural Body Care Private Label Nectarine - Natural Body Care Private Label

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Packaging & Selling Tools



Nectarine offers a variety of specially selected bottles, caps, pumps, sprayers and more — in all kinds of shapes and sizes and at low minimums — to help you, the entrepreneur, express your signature concept.

  • Bottles – natural and clear plastic; colored and clear glass.
  • Bottle Caps – white or black dispensing caps to fit all our plastic bottles.
  • Finger Pumps and Sprayers – white or black for easy dispensing and spritzing.
  • Perfume Bottles – beautiful glass bottles in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Sample-sized Bottles, Tubs, Spatulas, Cards and Vials – for use as sample promotions or in-store testers.
  • Ingredient Labels – available for all of our products. Federal law requires ingredient labels for all bath, body and hair care products with the exception of soap, perfume and natural essential oils.
  • "Not Animal Tested" Labels – use with Nectarine products.
  • "Try Me" Tester Labels – use with Nectarine products.
  • Natural Fine Corrugate Folding Box – perfectly holds 6 glycerin soaps of your choice.

Custom Scenting & Blending Accessories

Blending fragrances and custom scenting products give your retail concept a competitive edge, add visual excitement and make shopping fun and personalized. Using these tools will help you dazzle your customers with creative, personal scents.

  • Dispensing Bottles with hand-blown pipettes – for simple, accurate dispensing of Perfume and Essential Oils and easy custom scenting.
  • Gallon Size Pumps – a spill-free way to fill bottles from gallon containers and avoid contamination.
  • Perfume Funnels – small funnels to help your customer dispense fragrance at home.
  • Fragrance Testing Filters – specialized blotter paper that imparts the fragrance's true characteristics.
  • Mini Spatulas – a sanitary tool for dispensing creams in to sample sized tubs or blending-in fragrances.
  • "Ask Me About Custom Scenting!" Buttons – A great way for employees to advertise and stimulate interest in your custom scenting services.

Selling Tools — Nectarine Information Source

Nectarine offers its retailers a handy loose-leaf binder full of all the useful, practical and interesting information you need to sell the line effectively. It is easy to use — and guaranteed to be your most valuable reference selling tool and encyclopedia.

  • A full page devoted to each product that explains key ingredients, product benefits, directions for product use, and suggestions for accompanying products to cross-sell.
  • An indispensable guide to fragrances: fragrance families, custom scenting and blending, and the history of fragrance art.
  • Facial Care Guide - provides easy-to-sell skin care regimens for every complexion type.
  • Ingredient Reference Guide and Glossary

The Nectarine Information Source is provided to customers who purchase established minimums in multiple categories. Updates are provided free on an ongoing basis.

Aromatherapy Skin Care Brochures
Provides a thorough description of each product of our Aromatherapy Skin Care Collection. Also includes a helpful Ingredient Glossary of the essential oils, plant extracts and special skin nourishers used in the collection.

Plexiglass Display Stand
4"x 9" clear plexiglass display stand holds Aromatherapy Brochures.


Gift Packaging
Designed to make assembling your own customized gift assortments fun and easy.

  • Cellophane Bags and Plastic Mesh Gift Bags
  • Decorative Bottles
  • Natural Fine Corrugated Folding Boxes

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