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Organic Body Care & Fragrances

Consumers are placing greater trust than ever in naturally extracted ingredients, and with this trend, organic products have been gaining popularity, thanks in part to the media attention they have been attracting. Now is the best time to become a pioneer in this high growth niche market.

As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, Nectarine renews its commitment to providing high quality, natural personal care by offering a private label collection of certified organic products including an Organic Spa Bath & Shower Gel, Organic Spa Body Lotion, Organic Sunflower & Shea Massage Oil and Essential Oil Fragrances.

Organic Personal Care
Top Reasons to Buy Organic
Nectarine's Organic Assurance


The organic "non-food" market, including personal care and fragrance, soared in 2004, growing nearly 20% to $440 million and is driving the growth in the food, fragrance and body care industries.

To meet the health and body care needs of customers who are looking for these alternative products, Nectarine now offers you a perfect selection of organic bath, body and fragrance items that embrace the spirit of a pampering Sonoma spa experience.

Our Organic selections are infused with the sun-kissed flowers, fruits, grains and rich oils of this fertile region. Their natural recipes capture time-tested beauty rituals. By using Certified Organic ingredients including aloe, sunflower oil, plus extracts distilled at a Sonoma family farm, Nectarine has created products that nourish the body, while offering a sustainable, safe-haven to the environment and those who tend the fields.

Organic Spa Lotion with Olive and Grapeseed
Organic Spa Shea Butter & Olive Intense Therapy Cream
Organic Spa Bath and Shower Gel with Oat and Apple
Smooth-Shave Cream with Shea Butter & White Tea
Organic Spa Facial Toner
Organic Spa Facial Wash
Organic Spa Natural Defense Renewing Cream
Organic Aloe Vera Moisturizer
Organic Sunflower & Shea Massage Oil


  1. Protects farm workers
  2. Helps small and local growers
  3. Respects the ecosystem's balance
  4. Preserves air & water quality
  5. Prevents soil erosion
  6. Saves energy
  7. Promotes biodiversity
  8. Most importantly—protects future generations!

With Nectarine Organics you can nurture the earth, as you nurture your body!


We are proud to state that each product contains at least 70% or more effective Certified Organic ingredients including:

Lemon Verbena Extract
Mandarin Orange Extract
Sunflower Oil
Aloe Vera
Lavender Extract
Sweet Orange Extract
Essential Oils: Sweet Coriander, Mandarin, Lemon, Orange, Cypress, Neroli, Bergamot, Lavender.

Plus a NEW preservative system designed to effectively perform with these formulations.

Although the following ingredients have a long history of safety and efficacy and are also approved by the FDA, to conform to the Organic and Vegan industry standards, Nectarine's organic offerings do not contain:

Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates
Synthetic Preservatives
Petroleum Derivatives
Artificial Colorants
Animal by-Products

As with all our Nectarine products, you can be sure that these formulas maintain our highest standards of safety and efficacy, include FDA approved ingredients, are not tested on animals and are biodegradable.

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