Nectarine - Natural Body Care Private LabelNectarine - Natural Body Care Private Label Nectarine - Natural Body Care Private Label

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Home Fragrances

Home Living

Softly fragrant ways to bring a
favorite scent into the home.

Home Living
Home Fragrance Diffuser Reeds
Create your very own Home Fragrance Reed Diffuser with these natural reeds. Reeds are a large grass native to wetland areas whose porous interior is known to effectively diffuse fragrance oils. Each is 12" long, 3 mm in diameter and contains 20 or more individual cellular sections that run from its top to bottom and draw the fragrance up to the surface, releasing the aroma into the air naturally. Insert 10 reeds into oil filled glass dispensing bottles (ask us about Nectarine's Dispensing Bottles!) and turn over once to expose the oil-moistened sticks to the air. The oil will continue to travel up the reeds and scent the room for several months. Refresh scent by occasionally turning the sticks over.

Home Fragrance Diffuser Oil Diluent
This low cost, synthetic diffuser oil diluent lets you create your very own Home Fragrance Reed Diffuser Oils. Available in gallons, this diluent is specially formulated to create exquisite home fragrance blends for a lower price point. Nectarine is your one stop shop for all your Reed Diffuser creations!
GAL. (3.7 l)

Brazilian Sea Salt Crystals
Beautiful large rock crystals, solar evaporated off the coast of Brazil. Infuse these semi-pourous chunks with aromatic essential and perfume oils for a total sensory experience. Use as a home fragrance by placing scented crystals in a decorative tray or sachet.
Unscented - great for custom-scenting - white
NET WT. 5 LB./BAG (2.2kg)

Fine Linen Wash
A delicate fabric wash to gently cleanse all your fine washables — sweaters, lingerie, hosiery and linens. Containing real silk protein, this biodegradable formula strengthens fine fabrics, rinses thoroughly and can be used for machine or hand washing. Custom scent for a personal veil of fragrance.
Unscented – great for custom scenting
GAL. (3.7 l)

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Nectarine - Natural Body Care Private Label
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Nectarine - Natural Body Care Private Label
Nectarine - Natural Body Care Private Label