Nectarine - Natural Body Care Private LabelNectarine - Natural Body Care Private Label Nectarine - Natural Body Care Private Label

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Your Signature Brand with Our Private Label Body Care Products

What Is Private Label Exactly?

Nectarine Private Label OpportunityPrivate label simply means that you are purchasing personal care products in "bulk" to use in creating your own line of products to be sold under your own brand name. Nectarine private label puts you in control: you develop your products following your own retail vision; and you monitor your cost of goods — thereby not only helping you build your brand's image, but also allowing you to gain greater control over your profits!

Nectarine Private Label Opportunity

Developing your retail identity with a unique line of products is easy, with over 250 products to choose from at Nectarine. All are produced under the strictest standards of quality and safety and with no animal testing.

As a private label customer, you will buy Nectarine products in various sizes. For example, lotions and bath gels are available by the gallon, perfume oils in half-pound bottles, creams and scrubs in two ounce jars, and bars of soaps by the dozen. You will then "pour" the bulk products into retail-size bottles and repackage the individualized units by simply labeling them. Most of Nectarine's bath, body and hair care products arrive unscented, which provides you the opportunity to offer your customers custom scenting!

Unique Merchandising for Your Signature Brand

Here are just a few, original merchandising ideas that have made our customers long term success stories.
  • Open a bath and body care boutique featuring the Nectarine concept of custom scenting and fragrance blending. You'll provide your customers with personalized service unavailable anywhere else.
  • Introduce a simple fragrance blending bar or body care counter within your store or spa where you offer both pre-scented and customized products.
  • Purchase Nectarine's exceptional spa and massage formulations to use during treatments, and to develop your spa or salon's signature line of retail products.
  • Develop a line of your own products to distribute to hotels, spas or gift stores, to sell on your website, or for your gift basket business.

Nectarine Offers You These Important Business Opportunities:

  • Freedom to set your own prices and control your profits;
  • All the tools you'll need to express your entrepreneurial spirit and creativity with eye-catching merchandising displays and popular gift sets;
  • Ability to custom scent products, blend perfumes and refill bottles to create a fun and personal shopping experience in your store;
  • Chance to be part of the expanding natural body care industry and promote a more healthful, environmentally conscious style of personal care.

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