Nectarine - Natural Body Care Private LabelNectarine - Natural Body Care Private Label Nectarine - Natural Body Care Private Label

natural body care for your private label

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Getting Started with Nectarine

Getting StartedIf this is your first time ordering from Nectarine, the following checklist will help you get started. Remember, our highly trained staff is always available to guide you along the way. Just call us (800) 966-3457.

  1. Complete your Customer Profile so that we can help you customize your first order to suit the specific needs of your business. Your profile will help us provide good advice about building your inventory now and over time. Don't forget to request that the Nectarine Information Source be shipped with your first order. It provides all the Nectarine basic information you'll need to start selling.

  2. Design a look and personality for your product line that fits the name and image of your business, and that will guide you in choosing your packaging and label options.

  3. Select and order bottles and caps that will effectively convey your business's image. These may be ordered directly from Nectarine or from bottle suppliers in your area.

  4. Design and print labels for your product line. Ask Nectarine for advice on labeling options, FDA requirements and specific questions to ask your label printer. Nectarine supplies FDA-mandated ingredient labels for the backs of your bottles, so you'll only have to supply your proprietary, customized labels for your bottle fronts.

  5. Learn proper pouring, custom scenting and handling procedures before you open the door for business. Train your staff thoroughly so they can increase sales by providing customers with a wealth of knowledgeable information.

  6. Consult the Nectarine Information Source for valuable information about each product, its ingredients and its benefits. Also included are tips on how to sell and cross-sell the Nectarine line.

  7. Keep the Nectarine phone number handy: (800) 966-3457. We are always here to help.

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Nectarine - Natural Body Care Private Label
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Nectarine - Natural Body Care Private Label






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Nectarine - Natural Body Care Private Label